What is Worbby?

Worbby is a peer-to-peer platform, for people by people. It connects people who need things done (Worbbients) with people who can do those things (Worbbiors). It also identifies and recognises peoples' talents. With Worbby your work is your hobby.

The main motivation for the people in need of a service to register on the platform is to find the best person for their need quickly — in terms of competences, location, availability and price.

It is not just a list of skills and jobs but a community of people with talents, a positive attitude, a desire to do well and be recognized while helping others in their region and building respectful and trustful relationships.


Brazil is facing an economic crisis, the unemployment rate is high and people are changing their consumption pattern to save money. The formal economy is crippling and new forms of informal collaborative economy are emerging. Despite the crisis, Brazil remains a huge potential market of 204 million inhabitants.

Each one of us has personal taletnts, hobbies and abilities, well beyond professional ones. We use them in all aspects of our lives and in our daily activities such as recreational, artistic and domestic.


Help people identify their skills, abilities, knowledge and talents in order to apply them in doing - with excellence - useful things for others.

(The more you enjoy doing something, the more likely you’re going to do it well and the more you increase your personal life satisfaction).

Looking for a brand, web, ui designer? I'd love to hear from you.
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